Prior to any skate facility being designed it is always preferable to undertake community-planning exercises. Our process ensures the objectives of all users and the wider community can be achieved and health benefits are communicated to the wider community.

Filmmaking and Report Documentation are the means in which Skate Sculpture communicates the findings of all community planning work undertaken.


Innovation is key to Skate Sculptureā€™s success and it is the process of community consultation that is imperative in creating a good design. Skate Sculpture provides community workshops that are documented and edited by professional filmmaker and director Mat de Koning. Filming the entire process has proven incredibly useful in reviewing comments and understanding the impact of design on the relevant stakeholders and local community.

Report Documentation

Consultation with the youth community comprise a critical component of the initial research for each project and generally confirm widespread support for developing a strategy to improve existing facilities. The community workshop exercises not only address park infrastructure needs but also allow documentation of desired principles and objectives to assist in achieving the needs of the youth community.


Temporary Space Activation & Professional Skate Demonstrations

Landscape design and community development does not always require permanent installation. Spaces often require place activation at certain times of the day or week that are underutilised. Skate Sculpture is experienced in providing temporary place activation and skate demonstration projects involving renowned professional skateboarders and using moveable objects that can be set-up in most hard surface environments.