First and foremost creating the optimum skate facility is about ensuring people of any age and skill level are provided with opportunities to have fun. Skate Sculpture is also committed to integrating skateboarding into the public realm and involving the wider community in its unique spectacle.

Selected urban design principles are adopted in all Skate Sculpture design works to provide legitimacy in our approach to integrate skate facilities within the urban environment. Specifically, the concept of place legibility and mental mapping, are used to isolate distinct features of a place, to assist in creating vibrant and active skate facilities which attract the wider community.

To show you what we mean Skate Sculpture thrives to create quality landmark development, artistic and aesthetic nodes, as well as functional and fun paths for users to skate. These design principles are identified in the works of:

• Skate Paths
• Skate Plazas
• Skate Parks
• Skate Sculptures

We pride ourselves on working above and beyond the call of duty to ensure all designs are on the cutting edge of modern skate trends and also serve a meaning or ‘sense of place’ to both the users and surrounding community members.


The following are services Skate Sculpture can provide to assist in creating a plan for the design and construction of any wheeled facility project:

  • Concept drawings and Masterplan of objects/elements, path and surrounding landscape design;
  • Written and Video documentation;
  • Scaled plans and 3D models, including 3D rendered elevations;
  • Final elevations, site plans, detailed floor plans, sections and dimensions drawn by a professional technical draftsperson;
  • Structural drawings and certification provided by a certified engineer.

Skate Paths

Skate Paths are interesting architectural and street-inspired structures built alongside a pedestrian path in its own ‘skate zone’. The path clings to public facilities and vegetation, designed to remain in harmony with its natural surroundings. Skate Paths can be implemented in any public park, plaza or multi-purpose route to add an additional element of function, recreational activity and play. The use of a skate path can also provide meaning and a newly adopted route to an otherwise average journey.

Skate Plazas

The skateboarding community generally view cities as an urban playground of unlimited edges, shapes and angles designed for their active public recreational purposes. It is therefore natural for skateboarders to seek creative and adaptable infrastructure to satisfy their needs. A Skate Plaza is a landmark development, which includes a combination of urban elements inspired by the City Plazas and street obstacles skaters love to explore.

Skate Parks

A Skate Park is a diverse facility that can cater for any wheeled user, including skateboarders, BMX and scooter riders. Our parks integrate a skate terrain of both street and transition style designs and purpose built for all skill levels. Skate Sculpture offers a skate park design that acts as a hub for youth and provides an active recreational space for any user or spectator.

Skate Sculptures

In the design and perceived significance of public art it is the process through which it is installed within its intended environment that is critical to acceptance and inclusion. A skate sculpture is an aesthetically appealing dual-purpose sculptural node that incorporates architecturally designed angles, curves and edging for maximum functionality of skateboarding and built durable to withstand all recreational damage. The intent of a ‘Skate Sculpture’ is to integrate compatible public uses that assist in contributing to diversity, interaction and fun for the benefit of the wider community.

 Maintenance Reports and Repairs

We have an in depth knowledge of skate park maintenance and offer professional advice, assessment reports and concept drawings for the future repair and redevelopment of any existing wheeled facility.

Skate Sculpture can undertake a detailed site investigation and provide advice regarding the function, longevity and quality of all existing structures and surfaces of a wheeled facility; including materials, edges, joints, rails and coping. Recommendations are also provided to upgrade the existing facility and wider areas of public space.