With a large open bowl already situated in the neighbouring suburb of Golden Bay, The City of Rockingham contracted Skate Sculpture to design an innovative and contemporary street inspired skate park for the youth of Singleton. Located in the Laurie Stanford Reserve parkland, Singleton is a beautiful beachside suburb between Rockingham and Mandurah, 60 kilometres south of Perth city.

Skate Sculpture opted for a simple but effective design incorporating a series of ‘real street’ inspired objects such as ledges, stairs and rails in combination with traditional skate park elements including banks and quarter pipes. Determined not to be conventional, Singleton includes several unique elements to keep even the most discerning of skaters happy – skate-able steps leading down into a basketball court, a curving curb atop one of the banks, multi-lanes for maximum flow and heaps of flat-ground for practice. Shade structures and surrounding grass and trees provide the perfect environment for families and spectators to chill out and watch, completing a welcome replacement of the former dilapidated and almost unusable Singleton skate park. 

Long-time sponsored Perth skateboarder and founder of The Details skateboard company Barry Mansfield grew up in the Singleton area and recently returned to check out the new skate park. Skate Sculpture’s resident videographer Mat de Koning documented the session, which can be viewed here:

“The new Singleton Skate Plaza is undoubtedly one of my favourite skate parks in WA. Having just filmed this video part there, I can testify that it is an innovative design that has thoughtfully situated and sized the skate objects to allow for maximum flow and circulation through the park resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable skate experience. I grew up in Singleton and still visit my family there on a regular basis. To have this park in Singleton is dream come true. Skate Sculpture have done an awesome job!” – Barry Mansfield