Skate Sculpture was contracted by the City of Rockingham to provide an initial concept design, detailed design and cost estimation for a new youth facility in Port Kennedy, which were all completed in collaboration with New Line Skate Parks and Emerge Associates. Construction is due to commence in late 2018, replacing the old pre-existing park on the same site.

The design incorporates three separate areas with distinct elements to offer the greatest range of terrain. A street plaza style section runs along one side, partially connected to an organic flow zone, as well as an enclosed bowl included for transition riding.

These dedicated parts combine to tailor to a wide cross section of riding styles so as to offer something for everyone at a singular facility. As a result of this hybridity, Port Kennedy Skate Park will be ideal for events and competitions to attract and engage the local youth community. The inclusion of two shaded areas means that parents have somewhere to relax while supervising children, and a three-throw basketball court offers an additional recreation space, allowing a mix of activity to the site.