Skate Sculpture was contacted by the City of Kwinana in 2015 to create a temporary pop-up skate park, serving as a stopgap facility during the transition to the proposed Kwinana Outdoor Youth Space on Calista Oval. Skate Sculpture conducted a site visit to identify the most suitable location, and the quiet cul-de-sac of Hanford Place was chosen and closed off to cars.

Skate Sculpture then conducted a focus group with local young people from Kwinana to determine what should be included in the pop-up skate park. A series of steel obstacles were designed with the input from the Skate Park Reference Group and the layout was also influenced by their ideas. The finished designs included an A frame with rail and ledge on either side, a multi-leveled flat box and a long flat rail, a spined quarter pipe and a kicker. The pop-up park proved to be a huge hit with the local skateboarding, scooter and BMX community and was well-used right up until the opening of the new Edge Skate Park in Kwinana in mid 2017.