Skate Sculpture’s community engagement process was on full show during the Forrestfield Skate Park planning and consultation stages. Three design workshops were run for the foot hills community to give valuable input, with over 80 people participating in the final focus group. 130 surveys were meticulously recorded from canvassing efforts and additional contributions were made via a Facebook group of around 300 residents of the surrounding areas.

These efforts paid off when in 2015 Skate Sculpture received an award from the Planning Institute of Australia for Planning Excellence in the category of Public Engagement and Community Development. The judges agreed that:

The Forrestfield Skate Park is an exemplary demonstration of participatory budgeting and community democracy. The Shire of Kalamunda, through Skate Sculpture, has undertaken an innovative and effective approach to engage with different sectors of the local community using a range of tools and participatory styles. Whilst maintaining realistic expectations, this approach has allowed the community to develop its own outcomes in a team environment. The result is a strong sense of community pride and ownership in the project and its on-ground outcome.”

The final design set the plaza style skate park in the centre of the space with earth tones reacting aesthetically to the surrounding native fauna. Plenty of street style objects combined with a 9-metre-long mini-ramp ensures there is something for everyone at Forrestfield.

True to Skate Sculpture’s multi-disciplinary commitment, a comprehensive documentary was produced to highlight the consultation, design and thorough skate-test process of the construction of the Forrestfield youth plaza, which can be viewed here: