(Share Path / Skate Path) Seriously almost made me cry.

 It’s SO good, and SO well-said. There’s a handful of skatepark advocates in the States that have been looking for the best way to say what your video says so well. You guys really nailed it and it made me proud to be a skater. 

 Please, for everyone’s sake, keep up the great work!

– Peter Whitley, Programs Director, Tony Hawk Foundation


To see that in the right kind of public spaces, that are big enough and arranged in such a way that there’s co-existence was really enlightening.

– Karen A. Franck, Professor and Author, New Jersey Institute of Technology


How did that type of skating evolve anyway, it was because those architecturally interesting and potentially skateable structures were there in the first place and everyone started coping on to using them. So it’s a no brainer to work back the other way and make a piece or architecture that is skateable by design but also attractive.

– Glenn Craske, Perth Skateboard Lobby Group, from the documentary Share Path Skate Path, 2010